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Little Free Chair

Little Free Chair

People have been asking how I do my surfacing, so I thought I’d prepare a very simple scene, with my chair model, to showcase how it’s done. Lens flares not included!

Note this model is small (about 1/10th scale) if you want to use it in projects, you’ll need to scale it and the textures up. If you do use it, please credit me, and let me know.

You will need the free DB&W Tools and this scene is set up in Lightwave 11, it just won’t work as well in previous versions, sorry.

Download the Chair

Cargo Bay Interior Test

Pluto Station - Cargo Bay Interior test

Pluto Station – Cargo Bay Interior test

Finishing up the interior of the cargo bay, at the centre of the station. Took quite a while to do this one, because of all the glossy reflections!

Cargo Bay – Lighting test

test203 Cargo Bay - Lighting Test

It’s been some time, but I decided to do a lighting test, as I’ve been modelling in new lighting arrays on this bit of the model. The core has been undergoing a lot of work, not all of it is ready to show, but here’s stuff which is just about done.